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This application will help you to find excellent TV serials & Shows. Further, it will allow you stream them online with best video quality. Thus if you want to get that app, then ''Tamildhool Apk'' is the most perfect destination for your Android mobile devices
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Tamildhool Apk as the name recommends is an application where you can see movies, serials, shows & news in the Tamil Language.

Today I am going to offer an application that will help you to find excellent TV serials & Shows. Further, it will allow you to stream them online with the best video quality. Thus if you want to get that app, then ”Tamildhool Apk” is the most perfect destination for your Android mobile devices.

You can also get it for your laptops & systems if you are running an android emulator over there. However, it is not accessible in the exe file format for those devices. But I suggest you get an emulator if you wish to enjoy your beloved serials on a larger screen.

However, mobiles, tablets, or smartphones are quite simple to carry & you can stream through the app anytime at any place. That is why it will be suitable for you to stream when you get free time or spare time.

Thus, today I am going to provide a short review of this remarkable application. Furthermore, you will be able to download it from this article.

If you know enough about this app, then you are free to skip but if you are new to it, then please proceed.

It will be good if you share this post with your friends & relatives if you want them to enjoy too because it is completely free to download & use.

Basic Information about Tamildhool

Tamildhool is a package file of android mobile phones, thus you can install it on your mobile devices. It is an excellent platform to thousands of Indians & people from other nations who knows Tamil language. Thus here they can watch TV serials, & other programs free of price. Additionally, there is no need for any registration or paid subscription. Thus it gives you direct access to its content.

This astonishing application has a huge collection of drama serials, films & TV serials from the state. It is quite popular in India as it is targeting only the Indian audience. Moreover, it is specially designed for country-based users but there are no restrictions for its usage as it is free to everybody without any age restriction. Because it carries appropriate content for all age groups. But yet if you are an adult, then it will be suitable if you let your children enjoy it under your surveillance.


To make it suitable for the audience Tamildhool has arranged their entire content in an easy way. Thus people can easily navigate their beloved stuff without any interruption. You can directly play or stream your entire preferred stuff on the App as it has its own built-in player.

In this portion I am going to share its entire categories and what you are going to get from those groups. Thus I hope that it will make it simpler for you to get a clear view of the application. Thus, it will help you to determine, whether you must download it or not. Because occasionally people want to know about the product they are going to get for their use.

TV Channels

On the most top corner of the app, you will get a long list of TV serials from the country. But those channels offer you with more subcategories where you can select from TV serials, programs or TV shows.

Thus, there are generally seven to eight kinds of channels from which you can select. Memorize that those are nationally based & there you don’t have any international category or station.

Thus Tamildhool provides you Vijay TV, Sun TV, Zee Tamil Programs, Polimer TV, Colors TV, Jaya TV, & few are new based channels.

Furthermore, there you can also find programs where you can have celebrity gossips.

You can come to know about your beloved celebrities, & can enjoy funny conversations apart from Dramas & shows.

Amazing Features of Tamildhool Apk

Let us converse about the features of Tamildhool Apk because they provide a clear look of an app. Because you are defining it in easy but significant points that it carries. Thus, I have come up with some key features after experiencing it on my own Android smartphone. Thus, I want to share those basic features here with you. I wish you will get the app & experience it by yourself too. But for now, let’s examine out what I have got for you guys.

  • You can watch here thousands of shows, gossips’ programs, new channels & many more.
  • It is an excellent source to enjoy everything for free that you cannot easily get for free.
  • It has a responsive and easy interface along with look, thus you can easily scroll the content to find your favorite stuff.
  • You don’t require to get paid subscription nor registration as you can directly enter into the app & play the content with one single click
  • There is a menu button at the top of the App where you can get entire categories
  • It has a responsive theme that automatically and easily changes itself according to the device’s size and requirements
  • It provides your entire content in HD quality video with the astonishing audio quality too.
  • You require to have a stable internet connection to run the app with high-quality video & Audio.
  • The size of Apk file is light weighted & can be downloaded within a moment.
  • It is particularly optimized to consume less space and battery.
  • You can have further features but for that, you will have to download and install it on your Androids.

What’s latest

Presently, officials have released the current update of their product in the market. Thus, that update was the consequence of users’ suggestions and reports. Thus, now they have changed their product and brought some changes which probably help the users to get a better experience. These are the fundamental issue which they have focused on.

  • Errors have been eliminated.
  • Bugs have been repaired.
  • They enhance the video quality & the performance of the Application.


If you like such films, videos & programs then there are so many options for you but I advise you to install this app. Thus if you have made mind to download the current version of Tamildhool Apk for Android, then you have come here at the right place.



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