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Remove China App APK is created by OneTouch AppLabs which is an Indian company. This app is a removing tool which is used to uninstall Chinese Applications from your mobile/smartphone.
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OneTouch AppLabs
1.0 for Android
Jun 02, 2020

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Remove China App APK is created by OneTouch AppLabs which is an Indian company. This app is a
removing tool which is used to uninstall Chinese Applications from your mobile/smartphone. Specifically, it identifies all the Chinese origin apps on your phone. This app only identifies the Apps
downloaded from Google Play Store or from any other App Store. It doesn’t identify the pre-installed app delivered to the mobiles by the Chinese Mobile Manufacturers.

The app is launched a few days ago due to the ongoing boycott of Chinese apps, after seeing users uninstalling major Chinese apps from their smartphones. This app also listed its name in the most downloaded Android App in recent days. Since the Corona Virus pandemic, the Anti – China movement has been seen. This app will easily detect the Chinese apps and uninstall them. It is easy for the users to download and without any trouble, they can delete the Chinese Apps. To know more about the Remove China App APK read the following article.

About Remove China App APK

The Jaipur based Indian company OneTouch AppLabs has created this app, as it sounds it is used for deleting Chinese origin apps from your Android smartphone. App creators are taking advantage of the Boycott Chinese product movement which is going on India ever since the spread of Corona Virus in India. Ae we know the virus started spreading from China.

Remove China App APK: according to its name claims it can easily detect and uninstall Chinese origin Apps on your smartphone. According to the App, Chinese origin apps are not secure to have them in your smartphone, it can cause harm and damage to your data and information which you have stored on your phone. The app scans and after scanning such harmful apps are selected, next, it is processed to uninstall.

It is launched on May 8 according to OneTouch AppLabs claims, and it’s been successful in its job. It is downloaded more than 5 million-plus times and reached 4.8 ratings in these few days. To properly recognize the app you can see a dragon visible in the icon of this app, behind which two brooms are placed crosswise. With the help of this app, the users are easily detecting the Apps after the recognition of the Anti-Chinese movement.

The trend of boycotting Chinese software and hardware products has recently hiked in Indian. Soman Wangchuk, the biggest Education Reformer also tweeted that India should become Aatma Nirbhar and install the ‘Remove China App APK’.

OneTouch AppLabs has taken the initiative for the Boycott movement and launched the Remove China App APK for the uninstallation of Chinese based firm products. The OneTouch AppLabs owner is an Indian start-up company. basically, it is a Jaipur based start-up company.

Key Features of Remove China App APK

The app is created for the removal of Chinese apps which are installed in our phones, it is caused due
to the Anti-China movement going on due to the Corona Virus pandemic.

Our Prime Minister  Narendra Modi has urged the citizens to become Aatma Nirbhar and be dependent on Swadeshi Products. These Apps have some beneficial features.

  • At present, the app is created only for Android but the company will build the IOS based App.
  • It is created to identify all the Chinese origin apps in your mobile and lists all.
  • You can remove whichever application you want to by clicking once.
  • The complete list of Chinese apps is identified by this app automatically and it removes them easily
  • There is but or virus or any other security threat in this application. It is a secured app. It is very
    simple and works at a much faster rate to remove all Located Chinese Apps.

How to download and Install Remove China App APK in Android?

STEP 1: Tap on the Above Download Button and Download it.
STEP 2:Then Go to (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area) and allow Unknown sources.
STEP 3: After downloading click to the install option.
STEP 4: Wait for installation then click on the app icon on your mobile and open it.


I hope this article is very helpful for you to remove all Chinese Apps from your Android Phone. This app is Trending in India and If you are looking for trending Android apps visit



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