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Google Camera APK is the best application that can be used to be active in every refreshing moment of your life.
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20 March 2020
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Want to take the most amazing and astounding pictures?  Google Camera APK is the best application that can be used to be active in every refreshing moment of your life. Google Camera Apk application has a lot of features that makes it all the more professional app for usage. You are free to take pictures in any mode that you would want to! it’s not at all difficult to operate as well. Using this application will give you entirely soothing experience in the world of photography!

Google Camera APK features:

Google Camera APK has the most amazing features that make it an interesting app to use. Some of the features are mentioned below-

Night Sight: Tired by opening and closing the mobile phone’s flash again and again, according to the available light? Not to worry now. You will no longer need to change your flash settings repeatedly. Because, once you are using Google camera APK, it does the work for you, that too in a much easier and engrossing way!  In fact, this feature of night sight will help you brighten up even a smidgen of a detail that is difficult to be captured in dark, without the use of a flashlight.

Playground:  This feature of the playground makes the use of virtual AR stickers and various kinds of mesmerizing effects. This would make your day, as they are just so fascinating and cool!

Top shot: This feature is one of the most gripping ones! It will suggest and recommend on its own the best pictures, like in which no one blinks, and instead, everyone looks happy with smiles on their faces! Thus, this way you can get a perfect shot!

Google Lens Suggestions:  This app makes scanning all the easier, as it has a feature scanning the QR Code on various tangible objects. The user just needs to scan the QR code by putting the camera on it. It can scan the QR codes on any of the objects, including, business cards, any foreign text, and any paper document. This way you can easily scan the documents and don’t have to click their pictures for reading them. Scan them and read them at your own comfort. It also helps to translate the documents.

HDR+ with dual exposure controls: With the help of this feature, you can now take the most amazing pictures that too in low light or dull background light. So, this helps you get the best quality pictures, just at once!

Super Res Zoom: People usually face problems getting the quality of the picture reduced and discarded while they zoom it. Google Camera APK helps solve this problem. Now your pictures will not get blurred, neither will their quality be reduced if you zoom them. Instead, even after zooming, the picture will maintain the same sharp quality.

Portrait: This is a very common feature used these days in almost every camera application or editing app. Google Camera APK allows you to give your picture a graceful background. In fact, it can also make the background black and white, while keeping your picture popped out in bright colors. This makes it look superb!


Hence, these were some of the features of the Google camera APK. This application does not get installed on all the devices as it works only on Android 10 and above devices, plus on the pixel phones. So, if your Android device is less than version 10, even if you open the app on Google Play Store it will display, “Your device isn’t compatible with this version.” This makes sure that this is a high-quality app that works only on the latest Android versions of mobile phones.


Frequently Asked Questions on Google Camera APK:

Is it safe to download Google Camera APK?
Although this app has been ported to other Android devices unofficially, yet after proper tests and analysis were done by those at the XDA Developers, it has been proved that it is safe to install and use, and does not have any malware code in it.

Can I install Google Camera?
Of course, you can. If you do not find it on the Google Play Store, you can Tap on the Download button above and get it from there. But, you have to make sure that your device is Android 10 or above, as this app works only on pixel phones, or Android 10 or above versions.

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