Is ShowBox working?

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ShowBox Not Working: Fix it easily

Is Showbox working? This is the most common query usually asked by lots of people nowadays.
Howdy Guys, if you are also among those who are facing ShowBox not working issue. Then this article is certainly going to help you a lot. Showbox is ranked among the most popular streaming apps due to its excellent user interface design. With great success, the app faces some issues as it continues to develop. There are many errors that are experienced when dealing with the app.

The most common are connection errors, streaming errors, and Showbox not working. These are all the result of various factors and can be solved differently. When trying to fix the ShowBox app, first identify the type of problem you are facing.

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Fix ShowBox when it isn’t working

Is ShowBox not working

Follow the mentioned below steps to fix the ShowBox not working error on your Android, iOS, or any other device that you are using.

Method 1: Re-establish connection

The most popular error is the ShowBox clock is no longer working. This is a consequence of poor internet connection. When the speed is low, the connection to the server is generally slower than normal. To fix this issue, restart your network.

On your phone, you can do this easily by activating Airplane Mode for a few minutes and after that deactivating it. Subsequently, open ShowBox and it should stream. For other devices such as FireStick, turn off the router and restart it after a few minutes. Connect to ShowBox and see.

Method 2: Use a VPN

ShowBox is banned in some countries. This makes video streaming unavailable. To fix such streaming issues you require a VPN. This will give you new access and unblock many restrictions that will now allow you to access Showbox without interference.

To get a VPN, open your browser and the like VPN. There are different kinds depending on the price tag. Choose the one that fits you, activate it and then begin streaming.

Method 3: Clear cache

Many times you will receive the message that Showbox has stopped working. This is a common problem for Android users. Even though ShowBox does not show you the message but buffers a lot, follow the following steps to fix it.

Step 1: Initially, visit settings then click on apps.

Step 2: After that, find ShowBox from the list of available apps.

Step 3: Tap on storage.

Step 4: Finally, choose the ‘clear cache’ option.

This must clear the cache and allow the app to work.

Method 4: Change servers

This is when the stream fails to load fully. This is usually a problem with the upload of the file instead of the ShowBox app. To fix it follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Choose a movie and move to the three-dot menu.
2. After choosing the menu, a window will pop up for you to select or alter the server.
3. Tap on the currently displayed server and a list will be displayed.
4. Choose another server from the list.

The problem must be solved and streaming must resume. In case this does not fix your issue try following the next method.

Method 5: Reinstall ShowBox

This is an easy last resort. Simply, uninstall the application, download it again and install it. While uninstalling the app, remove the entire preferences to get rid of all needless stored information. This applies to ShowBox on every device.

Have you managed to solve the app? Let us know in the comment section below.

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