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Simple steps to install iOS on Android

It is not feasible to install iOS on an Android device, but you can change your Android’s appearance so that it closely copy the iOS experience. By using particular launchers and skins, you can make your lockscreen, homescreen, and wallpaper look more like iOS.

Part 1: Changing the Lock Screen

1. Open the playstore.
2. Download and install a Lock Screen app. The most famous and current is Lock Screen OS 9 from AppPro OS Studio.
3. Activate Lock Screen OS 9. Open the app’s settings, then click the checkbox next to “Enable Screen”. You can go back to your real lockscreen by unchecking this box later.
Be certain to Disable System Lock before activating the app.
Different apps have somewhat different steps involved with activation. Be sure to follow each apps instructions, generally listed in the Google Play store page for that app.
4. Click the “Pin Lock” checkbox. This lets you to set an iOS-style pin for your phone’s security.
5. Click “Set Wallpaper”. From there, you can choose from a variety of wallpapers for your iOS 9-themed lock screen.


Part 2: Changing the Home Screen and Icons

1. Search for an iOS theme. There are various iOS themes on Google Play, each with ratings and user reviews.
2. Download and install the necessary launcher. Launchers are programs that change the appearance, and ocassionally function, of an Android phone. The iOS visual theme you chosen will likely need a launcher to run it.
3. Now open the launcher and load your theme. Follow the instructions given with the launcher and the theme to complete the iPhone appearence on your Android phone.

Check out some of the top third-party iOS Launchers accessible in the Play Store.

1) Phone X Launcher

Do you like the user interface of the currently launched iPhone X and iPhone XS? And the phone X Launcher is a third party launcher which has an alike look to offer for Android smartphone.

You just require to download it from the Play Store and install it on your Android mobile phone.

The third party launcher will immediatelly transform the user interface of your Android mobile phone into a beautiful iPhone XS.


2) Launcher iOS 12

As the name recommends, this third party launcher called launcher IOS 12 provides the user interface similar to iOS 12.

The launcher iOS 12 brings its own control Centre as well, which provides you fast access to talk girls such as Wi-Fi, Airplane mode, Mobile data, Bluetooth, Music player etc.

The launcher iOS 12 also provides a clean weather app simply like the iPhone XS.

Functions on most of the Android Smartphones running on Android 4.1 or higher.


3) OS 12 iLauncher

OS iLauncher is third party launcher which provides you the look and feels of iOS on an Android mobile.

Third party launcher provides an almost iOS-like experience. Similarly to other app launchers mentioned in this article, this one also removes the app drawer.

It also modifies the icons of utility apps to match with the one you get on iPhone, it also has the Control centre.

Third party launcher also provides you the iOS feel, when you have to uninstall the apps by long pressing on the icons.



As we all know looks matter a lot. We have mentioned above top third party iOS launchers which will give you similar look like an iPhone to Android. If you have any doubts and query regarding the above blog, then please inquire us at the comment section mentioned below.

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