How To Download Shareit in India?

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Since we all are well aware of the scenario of the present day, and the issues between China and India. Therefore, the Indian Government has taken a firm stand on boycotting and banning all the Chinese apps that were being used by the Indians till now. The Government of India stated they were “Prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defense of India, the security of the state and public order”.

Thus, the IT ministry bans 59 Chinese apps, including ShareIt, TikTok, UC Browser, and others down the line. Also keep in mind the tagline “Aatmanirbhar” that has been introduced by our honorable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi Ji, this is a much firm decision that India takes and abides on. This order has been passed keeping in mind the backdrop of a current stand-off along the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh with some Chinese troops.

Hence, this reprisal and backlash from the Indian authorities against the Chinese applications have marked the largest sweep against the Chinese Technology Companies. This decision has been passed by the IT Ministry under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act. Another paramount rationale on the grounds of which this decision has been finalized is the complaint of several users across India regarding the stealing and purloining of personal data, that too in a much sneaky manner, by the misuse of certain mobile applications, and the transferring of these data to unauthorized servers outside India.

Thus, this was a situation that demanded immediate concern and supervision, thus preventing the sovereignty and integrity of India and its citizens.

About ShareIt

ShareIt is a Chinese application that was specifically designed for devices to share data of any kind, be it images, videos, documents, and other files, between devices. This application can also be used on the PC, that helps in an easy transfer of files between the devices, be it a laptop, a desktop, or a mobile. So, one of the best features of this application is that you save a lot of time and the transferring of files or data that could have taken hours, and is done with many conveniences within just a few minutes.

You are not required to purchase CDs or USBs or PDs as a mediator to collect the data from one device and transfer it to the other. The work becomes very simple using ShareIt. Also, another advantage is that you save yourselves from spending money on purchasing hardware devices because this app can be installed in just one click from PlayStore. Just you need is a secured Wifi connection to transfer the data between devices.

Features of ShareIt:

  • Faster than Bluetooth:
    The files transferred in ShareIt are at a speed of 20 MB/s. Thus, this makes ShareIt 200 times faster than Bluetooth. This is one of the most likable features of this app.
  • Discover the latest music and online videos:
    This app is not made to transfer data and files only, in fact, it also has a great feature and ability to discover trending online videos and music. Also, the music and the videos that are streamed in the app are available both offline as well as online. This is due to the special tab in the user interface of ShareIt that is called Infinite Online Videos, which helps the users to stream videos online.
  • All types of files are supported:
    This is the biggest strength of the ShareIt application that supports all types of files. Thus, people using ShareIt can transfer anything that they want or desire to, such as pictures, videos, fully installed applications, documents, and what not!
  • ShareIt is a cross-platform application:
    Being a cross-platform application, ShareIt can be be easily installed on both IOS and Android devices, hence, it helps in building up the gap between two different operating systems (that is, Android and IOS).

Hence, this application has a lot many features and works easily on varied devices and operating systems, which is its biggest advantage!

But now since this has been banned because of some faulty works done by the app, hence there is a way by which you can still download it. Since it has become completely unavailable on PlayStore, so it has now become a third party application, thus needs an emulator for its download.

How to download ShareIt in India for Android Device

  • The first step is to remove the already existing ShareIt from your Android devices (which you
  • would have already removed by now!).
  • Then download ShareIt Apk on your device from Below.
  • Then go to Settings->Security->Enable “Unknown Sources”(in your android device).
  • Then click on ShareIt Apk, allow, and then install.
  • Once it is installed, open the application and enjoy sharing documents and files once again!

Download ShareIt for PC

  • The first step will be to install an emulator named “BlueStacks” on your PC.
  • Install and launch it on your PC.
  • Then click on “My Apps”, and search for “ShareIt”.
  • Then, click on ShareIt option from the list of “My Apps”, open it, install it, and run it.
  • Hence, this way you can install and use ShareIt on your PC once again!

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