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Top 10 Play store Alternatives

Google Play Store is the official app store for entire Android devices (mobiles/tablets). It is the one-stop destination for Android users to download their favourite Android apps and games. Play Store has listed various million apps, and they are classified under different categories. The Android apps downloaded from the Play Store are official. Additionally, any such Android apps are accessible at free of cost or as a premium version. You may find certain apps missing on the Play Store because of the geo-restrictions. At times, some Android apps will not be accessible on the Play Store at all as they seem to not met the Play Store necessities. On the other hand, few Android users look for methods to access the premium app at no cost. For whatever causes, its time to check out the best Free App stores for Android.

Though Google doesn’t let other apps stores to be downloaded from within Google Play itself, that doesn’t mean you can’t get them. Here are the top app store alternatives to the Play Store.

Top 10 Best Free App stores for Android:

  1. CatMouseapk
  2. Aptoide
  3. Amazon Appstore
  4. Mobogenie
  5. SlideME
  6. F-Droid
  7. AppBrain
  8. GetJar
  9. ApkMirror
  10. Uptodown

All the above mentioned Free App stores for Android are completelly safe & secure. The entire apps mentioned above are initially tested & then posted.

Now have a glance at comprehensive details of each and every free App stores for Android.

  1. CatMouseapk

CatMouse is one of the most renowned free app store for Android. This is one-stop solution to all your apps necessities. CatMouse has gained huge reputation in short period of time. The apps listed in the store are fully safe & secure. Via it the user can download the apk version of any Android app and install it without difficulty. The user can download the apk version of any Android app and install it. It features a user-friendly interface in comparison to several other app stores.


  • CatMouse has an easy to use format that clearly lays out your mobile app options for you. The page also has a search function that allows you to instantly search for apps if you already know the name of your desired app.
  • CatMouse has apps of all kinds in its stores. You can find action games next to communication apps or apps to help you write.
  • The different categories that CatMouse apps fall into are all displayed right on the main page of the website.


       2. Aptoide

Aptoide APK: The open-source Android app store is somewhat better than the traditional Google Play Store because it offers more range for free. Practically, you will find entire application available in the standalone APk. It has the newest games and videos that can allow you install everything in a risk-free manner.

The high-quality app has been helping persons who do not want to spend fortunes on costly monthly subscriptions. The major idea behind the invention of Aptoide APK is the removal of problems connected with the Google Play Store.


  • However, there is a lack of Parental Control and safety.
  • Moreover, it is not simple to differentiate between the good and the bad applications as there are liberal policies for getting the use enlisted.
  • Advantages of using Aptoide: Aptoide App already has 300000 applications that are working and trustworthy.
  • There are distinctive applications that you might not find on the Google Play Store at all.
  • What does the green icon in Aptoide mean? The primary Idea is to provide reviews for different applications available on the application platform.
  • However, the developers have not done much about application safety. the community is presently trying to make it more secure in the upcoming future.

       3. Amazon Appstore

Amazon Appstore is the second leading app market for Android Devices after Google’s own Play Store. The majority of people with Android smartphones and tablets select to download apps from the default Google Play Store. However, Google’s app store is not the only alternative available and there are a number of third-party offerings. Amongst them, the Amazon Appstore is possibly the most well known.

The Android Appstore is the retail giant’s own online store where Android device users, as well as Kindle e-book users, can buy and download mobile apps and software applications.


  • Download free videos & ringtones for free.
  • The quality of apps will be well and does not broke.
  • The user interface is alike to the Google Play store.
  • One disadvantage is that App upgrades with security patches, additional features, and fixes might not arrive as fast as other platforms.
  • Google Play is often pushed out initial by developers.

     4. Mobogenie

Mobogenie APK is the app which allows you have access to the entire apps and games that are accessible on the play store only with greater speed and more accuracy.

This APK is the play store which allows you to have tonnes of pictures, apps, videos in a faster speed as compared to the other play stores. Mobogenie APK market is similarly another play store only with better features.


  • There is an accessibility of handpicked games and apps along with the recommendation from the editors.
  • It comes with the list of trending and top charts in order to have a clue about what tops the chart.
  • Also provides a clue about the News and Reviews: Up-to-date app reviews and Android news.
  • It comes with the Package offer to have an idea about the limitless apps.
  • Also powered with faster and more efficient apps search, richer information and reviews, and a better way to find hidden but great apps.

     5. SlideMe

The SlideMe is one of the Worldwidely recognized and reachable android app market with lots of Good apps. Like Google Play there are paid as well as free apps on this latest app market. Though you may not find many of your favourite apps on SlideMe that you may familiar with. Thus try some other alternative Google Play app stores.
SlideME offers a ‘Managed App-Store Service’ and builds solutions as per market necessities.


  • Experience a fast performing market app.
  • Discover top, trending, free & paid apps, and even those with video.
  • Save money on discounted app offers.
  • Filter between paid & free apps and search results.
  • Configure Parental Control features
  • Filter out incompatible apps and apps with ads from your partcullar device.
  • You can experience several other features simply by downloading it.

    6. F-Droid

F-Droid is a Google Play Store alternative that provides free and open-source software aka FOSS. It is simply like the Play Store, and you can use it to browse, install, and update any Android apps. It has a huge collection of apps that are further classified under different categorized. Being an open-source platform, the apps accessible in the F-Droid are also open source. F-Droid is a popular Android marketplace among Android developers. Because it allows the developers access all the codecs of any Android app. Additionally, they can even use codecs to create their own apps.


  • Integrated EasyList ad blocking.
  • Tor Orbot proxy support.
  • SSL certificate pinning.
  • Import/export of settings and bookmarks

     7. AppBrain

AppBrain App Market is a potent alternative to Google Play (formerly Android Market), which has a number of features interesting enough to observe it the Android AppShopper.

Upon opening the application, you will soon notice that AppBrain App Market is a ‘market’ of applications whose identifying features are functionality and transparency.

Functionality, because from the application it is feasible to access the files of Google Play or even download other applications that you find interesting, and because you have dozens of alternatives to filter and find the applications in which you are interested.

And because AppBrain App Market transparency quickly informs you the entire details about an application, such as permissions you can grant, and the prices as which it has previously been (if it is a paid app).

Besides all this, AppBrain App Market lets you to register with their service to advantage from both the ability to download applications directly, and the opportunity to participate in the community.

AppBrain App Market is one of the most interesting option we can find to Google Play, and definitely the closest thing to an Android AppShopper that exists today.


  • Vast collection of new apps
  • Capability to share apps
  • Updated on daily basis
  • App of the day promotions.

      8. GetJar

GetJar is one of the leading and most popular Play Store alternatives. It has thousands of apps, and any Android users can download it for free of charge. GetJar also features apps for major mobile OS such as Windows Phone, Symbian, BlackBerry, etc. The Android apps are charachterized under various categories. They are further classified, and anybody can easily find and download any Android apps. It has a website and can be accessed directly from the desktop platform also.

GetJar isn’t simply for Android phones either, it has cross-platform support (iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile etc), and also employs user comments (likes and dislikes, and Facebook support).

    9. ApkMirror

ApkMirror is an all-in-one Android app downloader recognized worldwidely. It has a huge number of Android apps and games. The user can download the apk version of any Android app and install it. Additionally, to the latest version, anybody can download the previous version of any app using the ApkMirror. All the apps accessible in the ApkMirror site are malware and virus free. It features a easy to use interface when compared to other app stores. You can easily search for any specific Android app or update the app whenever a new version is released on Play Store.

APKPure is a close competitor for APKMirror but, if I had to select one then, it will definitely be the APKMirror. This website is owned and controlled by the extensivelly read and famous Android Police website. Thus, its authencity is answered here.

Furthermore, the APKs are verified by the staff and are passed through the different security check before publishing them on the website. APKMirror also examines the cryptographic signature of the earlier version of the APK with the latest version of the APK to guarantee real developers have signed them. You won’t get any modded APKs, pirated apps, or paid apps on the site because APKMirror cannot confirm an APK’s validity. Also, you can update the apps installed from APKMirror from Google Play Store as well.

    10. Uptodown

Uptodown is one of the remarkable Google Play Store alternatives to download any Android app and games. In addition to this, it provides apps for Windows and Mac PC. It provides localized contents, and you can download any Android apps for free. The Uptodown website is accessible in twelve different languages and thus can be accessed from any parts of the world. Every other app in the Uptodown comprises the file size, version, and link for the older version. Despite downloading the current releases, you can even get the older version of any Android app.


Downloading any Android app is simple if you select for any of the Google Play Store Alternatives. Most Play Store alternatives discussed here in this article allow you search, download, and update any Android apps easily.

Thank you for reading this article. Keep visiting for more relevant articles. If you wish to share your queries or suggestions, then use the comment section below.

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