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Top Ten fingerprints lockscreen apk

Nowadays smartphones contain a lot of sensitive data. Several apps such as banking apps, photo gallery apps, note-taking apps, some social apps like whatsappetc need to be secured from prying eyes. Moreover, when we hand over a device to a child, we might want to avoid him from accessing apps on your phone.

Here, I am going to share top ten fingerprints lockscreen apk for Android you can use. The fingerprint scanner helps to get rid of the irritation of typing a password or passcode, which is quite hard particularly when you are travelling in a crowded public transport system like bus or train.

1) Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank by SeattleAppsEntertainment

It is one of the best Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank app of Android with 153,027 users. This Fingerprint Lock Screen app is designed for you to trick with your friends, as this app simulate the process of Fingerprint identification. This app is only for entertainment.

Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank is a pretty manipulative kind of app screen locker, that simulates the finger scan to unlock your phone screen. When you press your finger on the fingerprint detector panel, it’s fingerprint scanner will begin to scan your fingerprint and authenticate the authority and your phone will be unlocked only if the validation passes, or else the phone screen will still be locked.

This app also offers numerous cool hi-tech wallpapers for you and allow you to set the time & date format. You moreover have choice to set the pressing time of unlock.

2) Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank Kohinoor AppsTools

This is also one of the best Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank app Android 2019 with over 12,348 users. This Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank is an amazing tool which will simulate your phone to unlock by scanning your fingerprint. It’s astonishing fingerprint graphics and magnificient flying fire flies animation make it to look like professional and amusing. This application has complete HD graphics.

This app supports 4 digit and 6 digit Pass code and Pattern style backup for keypad lock screen besides fingerprint simulator. By this app you can apply “Blur Effect” when slides to passcode or pattern.

This app also shows “Notifications” for new missed call, incoming messages, mail etc. You can enable Notification from settings in the app.

It have several more features also and you can have this app for free. Download this app now and show your friends that you are having outstanding device which unlocks by your fingerprints.

3. Fingerprint LockScreen Simulated Prank

It is also one of the excellent Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank app of android with approximately 591,910 users. This Fingerprint Lock Screen actually not recognize your fingerprint, it’s simply a simulated app used for entertainment.

Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank is a superb screen lock app, which will unlock your phone by simulating to scan your fingerprint. This wonderful fingerprint graphics feature and magnificient scan animation make it professional and funny.This application has over 10 brilliant and attractive wallpapers available to decorate your screen to the best. This application has stunnishing fingerprint scanner, great graphics. This app support slide to unlock screen and also displays digital clock, date and time.

4. Fingerprint Lock Prank

Fingerprint Lock Prank application is a prank app by which you can make fun of your friends, and inform them that you are having fingerprint scanner in your phone. This app will only simulate to scan your finger print. This app also have authentic graphics. This screen lock lets you to have some cheers moments with family and friends and to make them fool that you have a real like scanner app that will simulate your fingerprint. You can also behave like that it only functions for your fingerprint. This app will locks and unlocks your gadget with touching sound effect on simulating area. Download this app now and enjoy!

5. AppLock – Fingerprint

AppLock – Fingerprint is an AppLocker or App Protector that will lock and protect apps using a password or pattern and fingerprint.

Lock Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery apps with password and avoid the apps from being exposed by intruder!

In addition to excellent lock, AppLock can catch snoopers by taking a picture and even hide the fact that lock the app with fake error window!

Some excellent features of this app:

  • Simple to lock/unlock using widget and notification bar.
  • The user can decorate the lock screen. e.g) change a background the preferred photo.
  • AppLock have the ability to reset a lost password.
  • Restrict unlock attempts to avoid others continually to try to unlock it.
  • It has the ability to lock Incoming Call.
  • It has the ability to lock WiFi, Bluetooth.
  • Protect private data, privacy and keep security and app protection/safer.

Additionally, it has several other features which makes it most unique.

6. AppLock by DoMobile Lab

AppLock by DoMobile Lab is also one more app locker that uses fingerprint to unlock your phone. The app is preferred by more than 100 million users all around the World. The app also provides locking mechanism with the help of passwords and pins, similar to some of the above mentioned apps. Furthermore, the app provides different themes that can make your experience memorable while locking and unlocking your device, thus playing a role of launcher with fingerprint app lock. The app requires devices running on Android 4.0 and above in order to function.

7. LOCKit

Being a complete security app it can help you to protect your notifications, apps, photos, and so on. This app also comes with a video and photo vault to protect your media data. You can furthermore fool people with a false crash screen and snap their pics too. Additionally, the app can also block incoming call with the lock with support for customization of the notification bar. In short, this app offers you a unique experience. The app requires devices running on Android 2.2 and above in order to function.

8. Finger Print Locker

The app is extremelly fast when it comes to processing speed and is small in size. Furthermore, the app is free to use without any ads. The app requires devices running on Android 4.0 and above in order to function.

9. LOCKit – App Lock, Photos Vault, Fingerprint Lock

This is the best app lock & Privacy Guard to protect your entire privacy.

Applock offers you entire privacy protection such as App Lock, Videos Vault, Intruder Selfie, themes, Fingerprint lock, fake cover, Notification lock, Safety reminder tools, & several more privacy protection.

Once you install this app, no need to worry further as it offers complete security.

  • Don’t risk your private pictures, secret videos or photo albums falling into the suspicious hands or being deleted!
  • You don’t need to bother about your friends borrowing your phone to play games.
  • Your colleagues cannot obstruct your privacy on your phone any more.
  • No need to bother about other apps reading your private data.
  • Children are not able to modify the setting of your phone and mess up your data.

10. Fingerprint Lock Screen (Prank)

Last but not the least, this is one of the most remarkable app for those who want new bornUnlocker and really want privacy for their phones.

Outstanding features of this app:

  • Eye striking HD Wallpapers and authentic Fingerprint Scanner.
  • Weather Information is provided onyour Lockscreen when you `Connect to the Internet` by Phone.
  • Lock& Unlock Home Key for safety purpose.
  • Customize Font Size, Date and select your choice of Color.
  • 10 HD Lock Screen Wallpaper are provided with this App and You can also select the Images from Gallery.
  • Enable & Disable Weather Info, Pedometer, Sound, Vibration, Lock & Unlock Button, Home Key and Date & Time whenever you wish.
  • On clicking the Power Key it makes Screen off and lock the phone.

This is one of the excellent lock screens and best screen locker among entire other Fingerprint Lock screen Apps on android market.


We have mentioned above entire popular options for fingerprint screen lock app, you can just go with an ideal choice. Proceed and download the fingerprint lock app of your preference and provide an added layer of protection to your device. Out of entire listed options for fingerprint app, which one is your favorite? Let us know about it in the comments section.

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