BitLife – Life Simulator


For those who’re interested in practical simulation gameplay, BitLife – Life Simulator is certainly a great game to look into. It has everything you wish with a life simulation game. You’ll get tons of different interactive features, which would give you lots of entertainment.
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BitLife – Life Simulator

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For those who’re interested in practical simulation gameplay, BitLife – Life Simulator is certainly a great game to look into. It has everything you wish with a life simulation game. You’ll get tons of different interactive features, which would give you lots of entertainment.


The game depends on its players to find and shape their own stories, which is why you’re free to do anything in BitLife and your actions will decide which way you’re going. Starts your life as a, well, sperm. You’ll have access to all the connected options that are associated to your characters. Do everything as you will, make your own decisions, and locate out whether they’re right or wrong.


Here are some of the most extraordinary features that we think every BitLife – Life Simulator gamers would love:
Personal stats to assess yourself

In this game, you, the players will have access to several actions and decisions which would finally affect your personal stats.


This is one of the most significant stats as it decides your happiness levels. While you’re staying glad, things would probably to happen your way and you’ll feel more fulfilled when doing things. At the same time, having low happiness would mean that your characters would likely to suffer from sadness. This makes him/her to become less practical in every activity that he/she is participating in.


Having good health is always a must if you want to live a satisfying life. This would let you to participate more activities, boost your work performances, and avoiding from having a short and unfinished life.


People need to be smart to know the things that happen around them. That being said, you must spend a certain amount of time studying and learning new things so that you can boost your smarts level.


You are born with the faces that your parent provides you. It could be unattractive or preety, don’t matter. In BitLife – Life Simulator, everything can be modified. It just takes a little cashes to back you up. That being said, to enhance your looks, you can take on the plastic surgeries which can change you into a Brad Pitt lookalike. You can even go as far as switching your gender should you feel the old one is no long appropriate.

Several activities to enjoy

Since it’s a life simulator title, players will have the choice to try everything and face your own results.


This is perhaps the most boring activities but since it brings you money, you can’t skip this. You’ll require money to keep business going, buy what you want, and supporting your loved ones.


And every once in a while, go clubbing isn’t a poor idea. It helps to minimize your stress as well as letting you to meet up with new people. Who can potentially your future partner? Additionally, you’ll come across all sort of situations while staying the club like getting caught into a fight, being offered marijuana by others, and so on.


It’s significant to keep your body in shape so that you can have better looks and charm other people. Additionally, having a good fit would let you to maintain your good physics. This can be useful in certain situations like having thieves visiting your house or fighting with bullies, and so on.

Plastic surgery

Another method to get good looks is to go to the plastic surgery doctors. Having a successful operation would turn you a handsome human being. You’ll have better possibilities of finding an attractive date.


Studying is always the quickest way to get you to success. However, the processes of learning are often laborious long and boring, it would take a lot of your time to complete your education. If you can’t stand that, then there are other ways to be successful.


If you don’t want to study, certainly, there are other techniques to get you moneyed relatively quick. And one among those is to go on Casino, where people put their life on the line. Win and you can earn a chance that would take a whole life of continuous work. If Lose then you will have nothing left.

Commit crimes

If you haven’t been making enough money on the Casino, possibilities are that gambling might not be your thing. In this circumstance, why not take your business elsewhere? More particularly, the criminal paths aren’t so bad for you. Well, if you don’t get caught, certainly. That being said, you can make some serious money by doing unlawful things.


Though, for those who are unlucky & find themselves in prison, life can be a little bit black. While staying in prison, you don’t have many things to do which would finally lead to bad health, sadness, and so on.
Hence, if you believe you can’t stand it, you can plan an escape to grasp your freedom. Or you could inquire for a lift to your sentences.

Interactive NPCs with practical aspects

With several interactive NPCs with practical elements, players can experience exciting relationships with other characters in the game. You can make them your collegues, date, or even your own partner if you wish. Every character will come with a certain set of traits that recognize them.


Depending on your choices, this could be one of the most significant aspects or the least.


Having a smart friend or partner would be a huge help as they can give a clever solution to your problem. They are also simple to get along and would possibly to give you a happy life.


While money isn’t everything, it’s something that you must’t overlook. Having wealthy friends will be prominent for your business as they can assist you with lots of things. As for the partner, a rich partner will let you to live a calm life without having to worry about most things.


Every NPCs in the game feature trademark. It displays how much they’re willing to do things that are out of their brain. While having a quickie with them can be pleasurable, a settled relationship doesn’t seem like a good option.
Have a relationship and build a family

And if you believe that you’ve met the right person of your life. The two of you can settle together and begining your own family. You can have your own kids or adopt others if you wish to grow your family and bring more happiness to the family.

Visual and sound quality

Visually speaking, the game has no recognizable graphical elements as the game is pretty much text-based. However, with a clean organization, you’ll have access to all alternatives whenever you want. The sound effects are somewhat exciting as it features matching soundtracks in certain circumstances in your daily life.

MOD Features

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For those who are seeking for a best simulator game to enjoy during their free time, then this is the best option for them. With comparativelly deep gameplay, you’ll be able to enjoy entire aspect of life with BitLife – Life Simulator.



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